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Why Choose Us

Flexible Recruitment Solutions

We customize and create our services to suit your needs. Make the best solution for you.

Special Team Service

We provide a special team just for your HR management, so that your needs can be met immediately.

Fast Respond Service

Services, recruitment advice, HR problem solving appropriately and quickly

Values That Define Us

Wherever we are, we are always proud of the values we bring.



Quality Work Team Ready to Help You Achieve Business Goals

We provide professionals with various backgrounds and high-quality skills to meet your business needs


• Warehouse staff
• Warehouse Operators
• Warehouse Admin
• Head of Warehouse
• Packers


• Courier
• Delivery
• Drivers
• Event Courier
• Daily Courier

Penjualan & Pelayanan

• Field Sales
• Telemarketers
• Business Development
• Customer Service

Building construction

• Surveyors
• Construction workers
• Experts
• Estimator
• etc.


• Security
• Pekerja Lepas
• Operator Produksi
• Teknisi
• Helper Produksi

Dapur & Pantry

• Chefs
• Cook Helpers
• Kitchen Crew
• Head Chef
• etc.

Hotel & Restoran

• Waiter & Waiters
• Front Office
• Receptionist
• Porters
• Room Service


• Cleaning Service
• Office Boy/Office Girl
• Gardeners
• Sky Service
• Housekeeping

Testimonial Karyawan FORDE Indonesia

Reza Syahrilah Project Officer Area - Head Office

Kerja disini seru, lingkungan nya mendukung untuk upgrade ilmu

Ridwan Hambali HRD

Forde Indonesia ini saya rasa akan jadi perusahaan yang sanagt besar, dilihat dari perkembangan yang ada

Budi Katos Office Keeper

Forde Indonesia JAYA !

Desy Lyana Sari Project Officer Area - Head Office

di Forde Indonesia kesejahteraan karyawan diperhatiin banget, terus kerjanya juga seru rekan-rekan juga sangat dukung

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