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Recruitment & Selection Service

"The right man on the right place" means empowering the right people in the right place and occupying positions according to their abilities.

Employee Registration Administration

Stability and Loyalty of a company are important things to support employee performance & performance.

Operational Management & Support

Operational Support Management Services provides management of operational activities for the scope of work that needs to be done.

Human Resources Management Issues

Fokus Perusahaan

Companies find it difficult to focus on their core business.

Kualitas SDM

Human resources are not qualified and experienced.

Waktu Rekrutmen

Takes a long time in the process employee recruitment.

Pengawasan SDM

It is difficult to monitor employee performance because the number of employees is getting bigger.

The way we help you

Our Recruitment Method

Our recruiting focus is the success of your recruitment through our deep and focused commitment to your business.

Man Planning


Selection & Screening



HR Management

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